Visual Development

Here you can find my visual development related artwork, and at the end of this page some personal and commissioned artwork.
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''Captain Santiago''
''Path of Yggdrasil''
''Tales we don't tell''
"Porcelain Tales" Game
"Astrolotl" Game
[Train project] Game
Personal art


A little short animation I made about the story of Persephone and Hades, but from Persephone's perspective and with my own personal twist. Here's a peek into the process of this project.

''Captain Santiago''

Visual development I did for an animated sequence about my pirate characters.

''Path of Yggdrasil''

In collaboration with two friends we came up with a Viking story idea, which we developed into a pitch bible. I made character and prop designs.

''Tales we don't tell''

An animation project about fairy tale characters who have been banished from the real world and now live together as a community on an island. I did character designs and 2D character animation.

''Porcelain Tales'' Game

Porcelain Tales is a 3D platform, puzzle strategy game. Where you become a tiny garden gnome, brought to life by a generous witch in order to help her collect the things she desires most. Made of porcelain you have to be careful while exploring the world of the witch’s B&B.

I did both animation and character designs.

Available on Steam.


In a group of five people we made a game for android. You play as an axolotl in space with a grappling hook! I did character designs and character animation in Toon Boom Harmony.

Google Play Store link

[Train project]

A 3D social detective game project about being a passenger on a train in-between worlds.
I worked on this as a character designer and 3D character animator. 

Personal art

Here's some personal art and commissions I did.

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